This page contains a list of my projects. It's updated as and when i have new content to add.

Online Iambic Keyer (08 May 2016)

This application runs in a web browser. It allows you to practice sending Morse Code by selecting two keys on the computer keyboard to act as key 'paddles'.
Pressing the key selected as the 'dit' paddle will generate a string of dits while pressing the 'dah' key  will generate a string of dahs. Pressing both paddles will generate a string of alternating dits and dahs like a regular iambic keyer.

GPS Vehicle Simulator
Simulates a vehicle moving along a predetermined path which sends position reports at regular intervals.

Trimmer Panel for flight sim
5-axis usb device for elevator trim, rudder trim, aileron trim, prop, mixture.  Based on the PIC18F2550 microcontroller.

FM receiver converted to Airband receiver
Convert an FM broadcast receiver to an airband receiver.

Computer controlled Transceiver (work in progress)
Proposed design for an HF/VHF multimode transceiver which is controlled by a computer and whose AF and front panel is in the computer.

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