Sunday, May 8, 2016

Online Iambic Keyer

I'm getting back into Ham Radio (callsign VU2LEX, lapsed) after a very long hiatus. Having been a QRP homebrewer, I used CW  almost all the time. I still have my old homebrew paddle key but no device to plug it into to get a sidetone to practice sending code.

Hence, I wrote this little Iambic Keyer application to be able to practice
whenever the mood strikes me, while I'm at my computer. It runs in a web browser. It allows one to practice sending Morse  by selecting two keys on the computer keyboard to act as key 'paddles'.Pressing the key selected as the 'dit' paddle will generate a string of dits while pressing the 'dah' key  will generate a string of dahs. Pressing both paddles will generate a string of alternating dits and dahs like a regular iambic keyer.

Demo video -

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